Like many churches, we minister to our people on a generational level.  Sunday School classes are offered for various ages from our youngest to our oldest.  We send our kids to camps in the summer as well as going camping together.  Our adults go on retreats and they meet together during the week for Bible studies.
    Our main focus in meeting the needs of our community is our Matthew 25 ministry.  Matthew 25 is geared towards meeting clothing needs for infants and school age kids and their parents.
    We also have a community garden to help supplement grocery needs.
    The Church of the Nazarene, as a whole, is missionally minded.  We support church building around the world through Alabaster offerings as well as giving monetarily to support our missionaries around the world.  We also support specific missionaries through LINKS, Lakeview’s current LINKS missionary is Daniel Gomis’ family from Senegal.
   The Church of the Nazarene also makes an effort to send our people over to help on the mission field for short-term missions.