Music and Tech

bass-guitarSunday Morning Worship Team
Our Sunday morning worship is led by Vanessa Harmon, who plays our piano.  Our worship team is filled with volunteers who come Wednesday evenings at 8 pm for rehersal and Sunday mornings at 8:45 am.  We can use vocalists, pianists, guitarists, drummers, and more.  Talk to Vanessa if you are interested in participating.
Sunday Morning Tech Teammicrophone
Volunteers arrive Sunday morning at 8:45 am to adjust the sound equipment or run the slides during the worship team practice and morning service.  If you are interested in these ministry areas, talk to Kyle Lambert for sound and John Schinkel for slides.
Lakeview Table Worship Team
Our worship team for the Table at Lakeview service Sunday evening is usually led by Elizabeth Lambert.  The worship team is filled with voluteers who arrive by 4:30 pm to practice before the dinner starts.  All are welcome to share their talents.  Come to practice and we’ll be happy to include you.